What's Your Style?

Classic and compact? Artfully Organic? Airy and Wild? One of the ways you can customize your arrangements is by selecting the style that best matches your personal tastes and the aesthetic of your event.


Compact designs are perfect for clients and events with a more traditional aesthetic. The overall shape is more rounded, with flowers and foliage tucked in close. Arrangements in this style will tend to appear slightly  smaller than the other styles, due to the denser, more compact structure. 


Our organic style offers a little more movement than the classic, compact style. The overall shape is looser, elongated, and often more asymmetrical. The unique nature and personality of each stem is utilized to create a natural look.


The loosest and most natural of our three styles, "Wild" arrangements and bouquets have a garden-like appearance. Arrangements tend to be very asymmetrical and airy, with an abundance of interesting, seasonal textures.


Once you have determined your preferred style, head on over to our Pinterest boards for color palette inspiration!

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