How are A La Carte services different from full service floral design services?

Great question! A La Carte services allow clients to order with ease from a set menu of options. Full service design is wonderful, but for some clients may be too time consuming, often involving multiple consultations, proposals, and revisions before arriving at a final plan. With A La Carte services, you can select exactly what you need for your event from our comprehensive menu, choose a color palette and style, and let us do the rest. In addition, full service floral and event designers spend time at the venue, placing and styling arrangements, and often creating on site installations. If you find that these on site services are not necessary for your event, A La Carte services may be a perfect fit and more affordable for you, allowing you to skip the expense of set-up.    

What kind of flowers will you use in my arrangements?

That depends on the season! We truly believe in using seasonal blooms, which offer the highest quality and freshness. Certain flowers, like roses, are reliably available year round. Others, like peonies and dahlias, are more fleeting. We use the most beautiful, premium blooms of the season that lend themselves to your chosen style and color palette. In addition to gorgeous flowers, we are passionate about selecting interesting textures to compliment them, sometimes heading out to the garden or foraging local foliage for an especially seasonal touch.

What happens after my arrangements are delivered?

Your arrangements and personal floral elements will be delivered at your specified time and location. You are responsible for ensuring someone is available to receive the delivery and to place and style them as necessary. We will deliver your flowers at the peak of perfection, with adequate water to maintain freshness throughout your event. 

What happens to the flowers when the event is over?

The arrangements and vessels are your to keep! Keep in mind, you will need to arrange for removal from your venue, as we hand the reins to you and your team after delivery. If you or your guests take the arrangements home, don't forget to refresh/add water regularly and remove blooms as they fade to maintain overall freshness as long as possible!