About the Designer

Hi there! My name is Heather, owner and designer behind Earthen Floral. I made a few other stops on my path before finding and falling in love with floral design, but I am so, so very glad to be here. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my work.

Forever a collector of sticks, rocks, stray feathers and any other natural tidbits that catch my fancy, I can often be found rambling through the fields and forests on my family’s 21 acres in Central NJ, clippers in one hand, a tangle of branches and foliage in the other. When not foraging wild spaces, I love spending time in my garden, where I try to grow a variety of flowers and textures that work beautifully with a multitude of palettes. After all, there is no better way to infuse an arrangement with seasonality than to harvest from the local, natural world in its current state.

This focus on the moment is an integral part of my process and my aesthetic. Aside from transforming indoor and outdoor spaces, I truly believe that stunning, seasonal arrangements capture the moment of an event. I find that an arrangement’s textural elements have as much power to convey seasonality and add interest as the floral elements, and always aim to give texture and floral equal doses of attention and care. I believe the challenge and art of floral design is in honoring each bloom and branch, and utilizing its unique nature to guide the design, creating movement and cultivating a balance of contrast and cohesion, harmony and tension.

Social media has shown me I am in good company, with many a floral artist crafting exquisite arrangements and elaborate installations for dreamy events around the world. The process of coordinating events like these can be demanding, and the costs far beyond what many budgets will allow. By simplifying the process, I hope to bring the same level of floral artistry to events of all sizes. If you’re interested in learning more, check out the HOW IT WORKS section, and my A LA CARTE FLORAL MENU.